“Over my lifetime of 70+ years, I have had experiences with many attorneys, finding that there were few to trust. When John Fuller, Fuller Law, was recommended to me, I really checked him out. Still, I was leery of him and carefully questioned John during our first meeting. We went to see him because my granddaughter, who is my responsibility, was rear-ended. She had three passengers in her car. Fortunately, being an excellent driver, she avoided more serious injuries to herself, her passengers, and three others in two other vehicles. Nevertheless, John took the case and managed to obtain settlements for my granddaughter and her passengers. In addition, because I carry uninsured motorists/underinsured motorists coverage, settlements were obtained from my insurance carrier as well.

What really impresses me about Fuller Law is the teamwork that John and his staff display. Every member of the staff knows what to do and just gets it done! Every case is different and has its own problems and solutions, but my granddaughter’s case was completed within eighteen months from the date of the accident. Fuller Law legal fees are reasonable and they do not charge for phone calls or intra-office copies. John and his staff are people of high integrity and I feel comfortable in giving Fuller Law the highest recommendation. I would further suggest you see him as quickly as possible after an accident in order to protect your rights.”

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