Slips and Falls

Owners who permit people to enter their property also should be held responsible for their visitors’ safety.

When a slip-and-fall accident happens and results in injury because of owner and/or operator negligence, the services of Fuller Law’s experienced personal injury legal team are invaluable. We guide clients step-by-step through the complicated and burdensome process that gives them a fair chance at securing the compensation they need for a full recovery.

We’ll help you determine if you have a case

Falling on someone else’s property does not necessarily constitute an injury claim. Victims must show the accident was avoidable and happened because of the negligence of the premises owner or operator. Examples of cases include:

  • Tripping on something that should have been cleared
  • Slipping on an icy staircase
  • Falling because of cracked or uneven pavement

A slip and fall can cause injuries that may seem minor at first, but actually cause serious and chronic pain. Other victims may require immediate and extensive medical treatment that leaves them unable to work. The last thing any injured person needs is the added stress of hassling with insurance companies — which is why we hope you will contact Fuller Law.

Commonly Asked Questions