My 34 year old cousin was traveling to the States and decided to extend his ski trip in Colorado. A drunk driver hit him on the crosswalk. He stood no chance. I was supposed to see him in about a week, during my trip to Romania. Instead I had to travel from British Columbia, Canada to Denver to take care of his remains. It was a shock to everyone, especially to his mom who had to bury her husband when my cousin was 6 and raised him by herself. Being his only relative in North America and, by the nature of my job traveling a lot, I needed someone to take care of everything. After doing some research I hired John. He handled the case brilliantly, being in constant communication with me and my aunt, taking care of all the legal aspects and the entities involved in the case. He guided and instructed us about the ways we need to follow and when the need arose, he hired translators and did several overseas teleconferences. He proved to be resourceful, innovative, efficient and very caring with us. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Fuller. Thank you John, you’ll be forever in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you!

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