Neck Injuries Won’t Just Bounce Back

Mention the term “whiplash,” and many people will roll their eyes and think a personal injury attorney can’t be far behind. It is true the word “whiplash” is an imprecise catchall to describe severe pain and stiffness caused when the head suddenly moves backward and forward like the cracking of a whip. However, new medical… Read More

Slip and fall in a store? Chances are good you are on (very high-definition) camera  

A case I’m now handling serves as an interesting reminder about how business owners — especially retailers and grocers — equip themselves to fight customers who claim to have been injured on their premises. It also serves as an important reminder that people injured because of a slip or fall should seek the help of… Read More

Fuller Law Uses Expertise To Uncover Critical Information

Sometimes creative thinking reveals viable legal claims that were not obvious at first. Take, for example, Fuller Law’s representation of the family of a man who was working on a large fryer in a food production warehouse. A hose blew off of a fitting, covering the man in near-boiling cleaning chemicals. He died days later… Read More